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Cova’s Hand-Selected Monthly Wine Clubs
There are wine clubs and then there are the Cova wine clubs: wine clubs tailored to fit your unique palate. To that end, at Cova we offer 6 different ways to enjoy new and interesting wines each month for a period of one year. All club wine prices represent a 10-20% savings or more off of our low everyday warehouse prices! We absolutely guarantee that every wine will be good juice or your money back! Club members may pick up the wines in the store or have them delivered to their home or office each month for a nominal charge.

Monsterville’s Cellar: Premium 6-Pack
Each month enjoy six different premium wines (4 reds & 2 whites) that represent some of the best values in their price range. This club is for those that enjoy the best. With this club you have the option of receiving all reds or all whites.
Price: $220 per month

Monsterville’s Picks: 12 bottle mixed case
This club is for those that like drinking excellent wine several times a week. Enjoy 2 bottles each of 6 different wines! This club is the best way to find those great $10-20 wines that taste like $40 wines!
Price: $180 per month

Big Red Lover! 6-Pack (3 Bottles x2)
Need we say more! Enjoy 6 big (2 bottles each) full-bodied red wines from around the world.
Price: $150 per month

Italian Lover: 6-Pack (4 Reds and 2 Whites)
If you go pazzo (crazy) over Italian wine then get ready to sing opera! Enjoy 4 delicious Italian reds and 2 whites from all over Il Bel Paese!
Price: $150 per month

Silky, Smooth, & Sensual: 3 different bottles of seductive Pinot Noir based wines!
For those of you who know Monsterville, you know how he constantly rhapsodizes about the seductive and magical nature of great pinot noir. Monsterville was sideways before “Sideways” was cool! Get ready for some special wines!
Price: $120 per month

Sweet Tooth! 3-Pack (Mixed)
Get ready to get sticky! Enjoy 3 delicious dessert wine discoveries each month (bottles range in size from 375ml to 750 ml).
Price: $100 per month

Wine Classes
Wine Dinners and Wine Classes are held in the Reserve Room at Cova Kirby, located at 5600 Kirby Dr.

To register, email us at or Cova Kirby at 713-838-0700. A wait list is available for all sold out classes and dinners.
5/26 Wednesday
German & Austrian Wines
$75 plus tax & gratuity

Calling all lovers of the world’s greatest white wine! This is the one time a year where you can come and enjoy Riesling in all its glory!
Happy Hour!
Monday - Friday 4-7pm
Select Items from our Happy Hour Menu for only $5. Valid in Bar Area Only. (Cova Kirby)
Steak & Shrimp: Surf and Turf Tuesdays $14.99
(Cova Kirby)

If you have attended any of our Big Red Wines and Steak classes then you know that Chef Eric Lawhon is King of the Grill.
Ladies Night!
Monday Nights All Night Long!
Select Items from our Happy Hour Menu for only $5. Valid in Bar Area Only. (Cova Kirby)
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